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About Papua

Papua/Irian Jaya, known before 1973 as Irian Barat or West Papua. It is Indonesia's largest, most remote, and least populated province. Large areas have yet to be explored, and this is one of the few parts of the worlds where maps can still legitimately be marked "Here be Dragon".
Papua as we called present day is eastern island of Indonesia. Papua comprises the western half of the huge island of New Guinea situated just northern tip of Australia. The eastern part of the island is belongs to Papua New Guinea. Almost half of Papua province is hilly or mountains and about ten Major peaks reach over 4.000 meters and tallest is Carstenz peaks with 5.050 meters from the sea level.

Papua stretches 1.200 kilometers from east to west and it is Indonesia is largest province, covering 160,150 square miles. It is also the second largest island on earth after green land. Papua is a last frontier for travel among unique cultures that have had a little influenced by western people.

The indigenous people of Papua are Melanesians with black skins and curly hair. They generally have a root crop subsistence agriculture based on sweet potatoes and taro, while people in the lowlands and swamps obtain their starch from sago palm which gives and extremely generous yield for remarkably little effort. While many other people of the world were still hunter and gatherers, Papua people had begun to garden. After fairly recently, many of the local people live within simple stone age culture wearing little clothing and decorating their bodies with paintings, shells, pig tusks, feathers and skins.

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