Selasa, 03 Februari 2009

Tourism in West Papua

Tourists are mostly Dutch and German, who come to West Papua travel to the Baliem Valley in the highlands. The main town, Wamena, draws tourists who are interested in trekking and in the culture of the local Dani tribes.

Although the Indonesian administration has previously tried to force them to wear clothes and live a more "civilised" lifestyle, today they are happy if they go naked because it is good for tourism.

In the village of Manda for example, clothed villagers are barred from the village while near-naked tribes-people, well-rehearsed and divided into two twelve-member teams, cook and dance in the traditional way for camera carrying tourists. The tourists pay for the food, the dancing, the photos, some handicrafts and a night's accommodation.

Tourists can stay in a village, completely built by the co-operative to house visitors. The villagers will dress traditionally, dance and have a feast for paying tourists.

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